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Stern Global Law Firm is the premier online destination for legal representation in any country thanks to its network of over 1400 foreign lawyers.

You can choose an attorney who is licensed to practice in your state by selecting the type of law you need help with, your country, and your state.


Our Legal Counseling

Stern Global Law Firm is a firm that is known worldwide. We serve as a possible point of contact for businesses, governments, and financial institutions from all around the world. Our international law practice may represent clients anywhere in the world in complex legal matters involving the rules of a variety of jurisdictions.

To protect and maximize the value of our clients' inventions, designs, and designs for products and services, we collaborate with clients of all sizes, from well-established corporations to small-sized firms and even innovative new ventures.

  • Intellectual Property

    Customers, ranging from established businesses to cutting-edge startups, rely on us to help them safeguard and maximize the value of their intellectual property holdings in the forms of patents, designs, prototypes, and trademarks. Learn More

  • Business Law

    The corporate lawyers at our company have extensive knowledge of the law relating to the formation, purchase, operation, and management of businesses and their related rights and duties. Learn More

  • Tax Assistance

    Our tax attorneys have extensive knowledge of worldwide tax regulations, as well as international tax treaties and information-sharing initiatives.Learn More

  • Civil Lawsuits

    Our civil law attorneys can help with a wide variety of legal matters, such as drafting and reviewing contracts, giving legal advice, negotiating leases, and more. Learn More

  • Family Court

    The family court division at Stern Global Law Firm has embraced a holistic approach to all aspects of family law. Learn More

Global Presence
Global Presence

Our International Presence

Whether you're looking to expand into new regions, explore potential funding sources, or resolve legal disputes, our global team of over 1,400 attorneys across six continents can help you through the complexities involved. If you're worried about being unprepared for disruption, opportunity, or risk, you should consider hiring Stern Global Law Firm.

About Us
About Us

International Law Firm

Stern global law firm is a fully global law firm that represents clients in every corner of the globe, from businesses to governments to financial institutions. Our expertise and prudence empower us to guide customers through difficult situations. Our attorneys have a global perspective and can devise a unique plan to solve any legal issue, no matter how big or little.

Stern Global Law Firm Core Values

These three pillars define who we are and what our culture is.

  • Development

    We take charge and make the most of potential advancements.

  • Unity

    As a group, we succeed since we are committed to the same goals.

  • Empathy

    Humanity entails taking consideration for one's fellow humans and the environment.